Into the Sunset

We had such a nice time today, watching the paragliders taking off into the sunset from Signal Hill, and heading out toward the beach at Sea Point.




We watched a number of successful take-offs, and we have to assume the landings went just as well, although we couldn’t see them. It was fun to have the close-up view of people’s faces and body language as they ran as fast as they could, sometimes with a little help from the crew, and then became airborne.

para apara bpara cpara dpara epara f

After watching 7 or 8 takeoffs, I began to think that I might want to take a try at this!


Once the sun dropped below the horizon, it was time for the crews to pack up and go home. I would tag the paragliding company if I knew their name, so if anyone recognizes a familiar face or company logo, please comment.



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