Our most outrageous and wonderful dining experience in Cape Town: SŸN at 47 on Bree St.

This is not our typical blog post. Sorry, there are no safari animal photos today. But we had the most fantastic dinner last night, and wanted to write about it before your chance to eat there too is gone!

SŸN at 47 is a pop-up restaurant less than a month old, and in about another month it’s shutting down for a bit in order to establish itself permanently in a new location. But trust me, you don’t want to wait for the new spot. Finish reading this review, and then click the link to make your reservation. It’s a completely unique and engaging experience in molecular gastronomy!

The climb up to the third floor only wakes up your appetite for the evening ahead. One of the many things we loved about this dinner was the leisurely aspect of it: we were there for the evening, and were able to slowly enjoy every bite and sip.

Chefs Warwick King and Rikku Ó’Donnchü work on either side of the counter in a semi-open kitchen, and it’s great fun to watch them as they put the finishing touches on each plate. At some point in the evening even a helium tank appeared, but I’ll say no more about that. Some things are better encountered first-hand!

We opted for the dinner of 11 tastings plus wine pairings. As each course was presented, our very personable and knowledgeable waiter Rufus explained the inspiration behind the dish, and the characteristics of the accompanying wine.

No detail was ignored during our three-hour dinner. To begin, the menu items were printed on an edible sheet, which became a taco shell of sorts for part of the dessert. The good quality napkins were rolled into short stout cylinders for an unusual look to the table setting, and the appropriate silverware was brought out for each dish – small spoons, knife and fork, even a tweezer-like device for the seafood. The different tastes were served in a variety of vessels: eucalyptus wood platters, custom-designed ceramic cylinders that mimic ashtrays, tiny clay flowerpots. All of it charming and playful, all of it brilliant.

At first appearance, each serving seemed but a morsel of food. By the end of the experience, though, we realized that the amounts were just right. Anything more and we would have been over-satiated and uncomfortable.

I’m not even going to explain each of the plates. Just look at the photos of this gorgeous food, and make your reservations. https://synpopup.com/





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