Killing time at EWR

I love airports. Admittedly, standing in line to check my bag makes me cranky, but such is life. Did I say checked bag? Yes, in fact I did. Oh, I managed to cram all three weeks’ worth of stuff into my little rolly bag, but it was seriously distressed, and I was unhappy. Not to mention that my backpack weighted a ton! Then I had an epiphany: we usually travel toward warm weather, which doesn’t require such heavy clothing. The elements were working against me this trip, so I knuckled under and dragged out the Big Red Bag. Now the sleeping bag liner (yes, you heard me) fit with ease.

We survived the painfully slow checkin process, as well as the near strip-search at security, and found our way to the relative tranquility of the British Airways gate. A comfortable seat, a cold drink, and a wi-fi connection, and I’m a happy traveler once again. The next time we touch ground we will be in London for an overnight, and then on to Morocco on Wednesday.

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