Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News…

I got a bad case of – altitude sickness.

When I woke up for the third morning in a row with the room spinning around my head, I knew it was time to do something.  I figured it was the altitude – Cuenca, where we’ve been staying for the last week, is at 8, 333 feet elevation – but I didn’t know how to make it stop.  And believe me, it’s very disconcerting when you try to get up to go to the bathroom and the walls just won’t stay still.

I have no idea who this adorable child is. A blog post without photos is simply too boring.

So, it was clear that I needed some professional help. But how to choose a doctor in a foreign country? Where I don’t speak the language.  Oh, and it’s Sunday.

Google to the rescue.  After hubby researched, we decided that the local ER was the place for me.  And off we went.

The trip itself was uneventful and successful.  What I am going to carry on about are the prices.  Cab ride each way – $1.50. Twenty minute ER visit with the on-call doctor, and the usual check-up – $32.00.  Two prescriptions, filled in the hospital pharmacy – $2.32. I must be in the twilight zone!


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